Monday, December 27, 2010

Starting to write again

All this stoppage and restarting is killing me. I'm going to develop a habit of writing every day. I'm not sure what my New Year's goals will be yet, but they will involve writing a certain amount of time daily, or at least, five days per week. I don't know why I have to limit it to five--if I don't have access to my computer, I still can carry a notebook in which  to write things down.

Wow, I used to use a notebook all the time. What the heck. We've evolved.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Getting ready to get fit in the New Year

Well, Christmas and Thanksgiving are both past, and I'm hoping my dependence upon "goodies" has receded as well. Of course, New Year's Eve can also be a time of eating large and putting on unwanted poundage. With my New Year's goal of losing 20 pounds by the end of March, I can't wait until I get past December 31st to start. In  the past, I've found that the most effective ways of burning calories include first, controlling what you eat, and second, doing some high-energy burning form of exercise. Eating is the most important. There have been times when I've exercised like a mad man for weeks on end and had the pounds slowly trickle off, one or two ounces at a time. However, when combined with healthy eating habits, such as abandoning french fries, shakes, and donuts, the pounds seem to come off much faster. So, my health tip of the year for you is to stop eating poorly, and only partake of sweets on rare occasions, maybe once a week eat a cookie or two. Also, plan your menus to include lots of veggies, and a lot less fat. I'm going to do it. Join with me for a fit New Year.

The Christmas You Get You Deserve?

In the famous song I Believed in Father Christmas, originally recorded by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, the closing line in the lyrics is, "Hallelujah noel, be it Heaven or Hell, the Christmas you get, you deserve." The sentiment is well-thought out, and applicable in most situations. The contention of the author who penned those lyrics seems to be that our attitude controls what our perception of Christmas will be like. Ninety-nine percent of the time, that is true. But some times, events happen that are out of our control--bad things. For example two people I know--one because she was my neighbor and is still my Facebook friend, and the other because we share an internet forum together and who is also my Facebook friend--both lost loved ones just days before Christmas. The first woman's husband unexpectedly died. He was a young man leaving his wife and two children behind. The second woman had carried her baby to near full-term, feeling its movements up until the last, only to have the baby die in the womb just a few days before the due date. Here is a link to that story: Some losses are unsurvivable. In both cases, tragedy struck in the merry time of the celebration of our Savior's birth.

Now, I don't know how they are coping. I don't believe either one of them, though, deserve to have hell for Christmas. They are people who have just experienced great loss. My heart and prayers go out to them as I call on the Lord to bless and help them through all that has happened in their lives.

That being said, most of us do get the Christmas we have earned. I hope yours was filled with happiness, as mine was, knowing that the Lord is there for me in my times of need. I celebrate not the innocent child, born in a manger, but the risen Lord who knows my frailties, faults, and feelings. Who comforts me and lifts me. Who took all the sins of the world, including mine, upon him in the greatest act ever performed--the Atonement. I love Him. Though  I don't always show it through my actions, I love Him. I hope he will forgive me for my sins and help me to be a better person.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Democratic Leaders are Lying Through Their Teeth

So, what the dems are trying to lead people to believe is that the Republicans want to give a huge check to the rich in the form of a tax cut. They're telling people that the eeeeevvvil wealthy people in America are getting a rebate if the Republicans get their way, that $43,000 will go into the rich folks' pockets soon and the middle class will suffer because of it.


No, the Republicans are trying to get tax rates to remain the same as they have been since President Bush lowered them. The "rich" and everyone else, won't be getting any tax cuts they will paying the same amount in taxes that they have been. That $43,000 the dems would have you believe they are getting, is a $43,000 job that most probably will vanish if those who provide most of the jobs, i.e., those making over $250,000, are paying higher taxes.

Sometimes the idiocy of the left is sincerely frightening. It's always damaging to our country.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two hikes this week: Gobbler's Knob and Bald Mountain

This week I climbed to the top of two mountains. On Tuesday I went hiking with Ben to the top of Gobbler’s Knob. The trail begins at Bowman Fork in Millcreek Canyon and is pretty smooth and shady for quite a distance. Then about .9 miles from the top, the trail changes and becomes a monster of steepness and really wears you out. Up on top though, the view was amazing. We could see all the way to the Uintas in the east, and to the far side of the Great Salt Lake to the west. We also saw a couple of hawks soaring around below us, and then a third hawk dived out of the sky from above to join the others. It was really awesome. I was sore though for several days afterwards, and can still feel the effects in my thighs.

The other hike I went on was with Sam and Brad (Richmond), and that was to the top of Bald Mountain in the Uintas. The hike is two miles up to the top, which sounds easy until you realize that the trail is quite steep in some parts, and very rocky over much of it. We also came unprepared for the wind, which made it very chilly. I guess we should’ve planned on that as the weather is always unpredictable up there, and there were scattered storms in the weather forecast for the entire state. Still we made it up there, and like Gobbler’s Knob, the view was amazing. Far to the west we could see the skyline of the Wasatch Mountains, and we could see nothing but mountain ranges as far as we looked in any direction. Many lakes were in view in all directions as well. We didn’t stay up there very long though, because a storm appeared to be heading quickly in our direction and none of us wanted to be caught in a downpour up on top, nor did we want to be exposed to lightning should that occur. On the way home, we stopped at what used to be Dick’s Drive-in, but now is called the Uinta Drive-in, although they’ve kept the name “Dick’s” up on the outside of the building. It used to be a place that we would always stop at and get a shake on the way home from a camping trip or something. Sam said that it wasn’t as good as Dick’s used to be, and I agree though I’m not really sure...I don’t know how long ago it was that I tried the original Dick’s food and couldn’t really remember it, only the shakes–and I didn’t have a shake this time to be able to compare. One thing that we saw on the way to the trailhead that morning though was really awesome. As we rounded the corner on the highway, just past Trial Lake, a bull moose was in the road and I had to slam on the brakes. We watched as the moose finished crossing and headed up into the trees. Simply something you don’t see, but maybe once or twice in a lifetime.

Friday, June 11, 2010

New scientific discovery: The Moon IS made of green cheese

AP - Stockholm. Sources indicate that what was formerly thought of as a "fairy tale" is in fact, true--the moon IS made of green cheese. Scientists have gathered from around the world to attend the We Were Wrong Symposium in Stockholm this week.
"This definitely puts global warming on the back burner," said one scientist. "It changes our entire concept of the universe."
Former astronaut, Neil Armstrong could not be reached for comment, but another unidentified NASA official stated that, "We always believed that the stuff on the moon was crushed rock. Now after further review, it seems that it is in fact, mold."
The powdery substance has long puzzled scientists, but now new information is coming forward after many long years of scientific drought. "You see, the moon is hot on one side, and the other side is a refrigerator," said one NASA official, "perfect conditions for mold to get a hand hold."
Senator Barbara Boxer of California chimed in, "There are doubters, but most of those people don't believe in fairy tales either. I bet they don't even believe the Goldilocks story actually happened." She declined further comment on the issue.
A significant segment of the scientific community, however, doubts the findings. "There are many of these supposed 'scientists'," Yale professor Stewart Pacman said, "who have invested in moon mining companies and other related firms. Funny how these are the same ones who insist that the moon is made of green cheese."
Said another, "Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, our government is going forward with taking steps to mine the moon for cheese. Incredibly stupid, I would think, especially considering those fraudulent e-mails on the matter."
And what about those "fraudulent e-mails"?
It seems that a couple of "green cheese" advocates were caught sending e-mails about trying to fabricate evidence when their science was unable to prove their green cheese theory. Our research has found that scientists Robert Fullerbrush and Dick Amway who wrote the e-mails in question are both heavily invested in "Green Cheese Technologies", a firm devoted to the creation of space mining equipment.
Said Pacman, "They've sold us a bill of goods. Too bad nothing will come of it, but a broken economy."

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ann's Animal Names

These are the "Animal Names" that my sweet, talented, wonderful wife creates. (I removed her artwork because for some reason it kept showing up as my photo in links to my blog I posted on other sites.)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Persistence: Your Key to Winning in the Writing World

I was just thinking today about how much available time I've had since I had shoulder surgery. A lot. And how much writing have I done? Not as much as I'd have liked to have done. Oh, I've done some articles for, and that's pretty much it. Personally, I need to get back into the daily habit of writing, especially if I want to sell anything, especially my novels. I've found that nothing happens without persistence. Well, I take that back, nothing happens without persistence unless chance takes a wild hand in things and luck happens. Since I don't believe luck can be counted on, there's only one thing that can--my own hard work and dogged determination.
That's the key to success in any worthwhile endeavor.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Examiner Gig

I've been writing for several months now for I haven't made much off of it. Maybe thirty bucks. Then again, I'm not writing in the most popular or fashionable subject categories. Maybe I need to shake things up and write on movies, or dvds, or popular music, instead of outdoor sports. There's a lot of interest in outdoor sports, but it's scattered and few people know about my articles. That's why I'm posting about them here. To read my articles, go here.

Then, let me know if you like them. I'd love to have some feedback or suggestions as to how to improve my articles, or even some things you'd like to see covered by my articles. Remember, for the most part, it must have a local angle, meaning pertaining to Utah.

I think I have high blood pressure...

I think I have high blood pressure. Well the last couple of times professionals have taken it, it’s been high. So I went out and bought a blood pressure checker. Couldn’t resist tormenting myself with a day by day log of my BP. Guess what? It’s high. I’m thinking that it mostly involves my lack of sleep, due to my recent rotator cuff surgery. I can only sleep on my left side now. My right side was the one operated on, and I can’t sleep on my stomach because my right arm would need to be in a position that’s just not comfortable nor sustainable. That leaves my back and left side. My back is out because for some reason, I get bad sleep apnea when on my back.

Which brings me back to my high blood pressure. I think it’s because I’m not sleeping. Then again, it could be because I have all this time off from work and I’m not accomplishing much. I thought it would be a time to work on my novel, but I haven’t done so. Too worried about the cost of ink to print it off, so that I can really read through it and see what needs to be changed. You know, medical expenses being what they are, and with a planned vacation this summer, I don’t want to do anything that’s going to jeopardize that. That could be raising my BP too.

Then again, I’m worked up about the new health care bill, and how it was passed against the will of the people. That angers me. My doc says that stress doesn’t really cause BP to rise, at least, not as much as it was once thought. It’s generally something to do with a poor diet, little exercise, or lack of sleep. I don’t really have a bad diet, and I get exercise (although, not as much as I was getting before the surgery), so that pretty much leaves lack of sleep as the culprit.

Maybe if I spend the time not sleeping, working on my novel, it will be time well spent. Then again, I’d have to print it off.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Apolo Ohno and His Korean Crybaby Counterparts

It's been with great interest that I've watched the Olympics this year. One thing that has been of particular interest to me is the continuing poor sportsmanship of the Korean short track speed skaters in their approach to Apolo Ohno. Don't get me wrong. I have it from an excellent source that Ohno isn't the nicest guy to the average employee working at the ice rink. Maybe he thinks a bit too highly of himself. That being said, in public, and in the spotlight, he seems to conduct himself rather well. Not so the Korean skaters. In the 1500m race held earlier in the week, Ohno collected the silver medal, and his teamate, J.R. Celski collected the bronze. Said gold-medal winner, Lee Jung-Su, "He [Ohno] did not deserve to stand on the podium".

The bad blood goes back to Salt Lake City, 2002, when apparent winner of the 1500m race, Kim Dong-Sung, was disqualified for blocking Ohno. Kim supporters deluged the IOC with complaints. It's been Hatfields and McCoys ever since, with the Koreans mostly sounding like a bunch of crybabies. Take the gift that they handed Ohno and Celski in the 1000m final. With three Koreans in the lead going into the final turn, the two in second and third took themselves out of the race by crashing into each other, allowing the two Americans to medal. That sound you heard was the collective slaps in the embarrassed faces of the Korean team and its supporters. Too embarrassed to admit their own culpability and failure, they tried to put the blame on Ohno.

Look, let your skating do the talking. If you're better than him, go out and win. If not, be gracious in defeat like the hundreds of other Olympic athletes who have done so.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

I Look at Trash Part Two

I just found this interesting link, along the lines of fun and exciting trash. Check this out!Bottomless Trash Bin

Struggling with the Shoulder

Last night I had excruciating pain in my shoulder, probably the worst I've had since the surgery. I was just heading out the door to a meeting, which I probably should've canceled. This morning I've been doing a lot of research, and found several sources that basically said that this is normal. Here is one such source: Recovering from Rotator Cuff Surgery. It looks like it's going to be a long, hard road, and I'd better be careful not to try and push things too far, too fast, or I'll end up on that hospital operating table once again.

On the bright side, the doctor gave me permission to play my guitar, which I was excited about, but which may have led to the pain I was enduring last night. I think I may go with the electric guitar next time as it's thinner than my acoustic and probably won't strain my sore shoulder as much...I'm hoping anyway.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I Look at Trash

Yup. I just discovered something again about myself, that I'd forgotten. Now that I have to slow down and walk, instead of run, and doing it outside, instead of on a treadmill, well, I find that I'm looking at the trash along the side of the road, hoping for discovery of something cool. Today I thought I'd found an MP3 player or something, but it ended up being a part to a Verizon cell phone. I thought I saw a free sandwich coupon for Quizno's, but it ended up being a "buy one sandwich and a drink, get a second sandwich free" card. I found a rusty steel ball though. I didn't keep it. I was actually not real excited about the veritable cornucopia of paper cups, empty energy drink bottles, and assorted other garbage left over from those whose IQ is nearer 50 than 100.

There are too many cretins in the world that just dump their trash anywhere. Half of them are probably junior high school kids (since I was walking near the school) who learn in their half-baked educational system about the "realities" of climate change , and probably scream at people for using too much oil, then drop their twinkie wrapper along side the road, without a care in the world.

All that being said, I think there is some virtue in looking through trash for the serendipitous random cool thing.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shoulder Surgery Going to be a Set Back

In more ways than one. By the time I heal up, I'll be out of shape--at least as far as weightlifting goes. My callouses will be gone on my guitar fretting hand. And I'll no longer be able to throw the 97 mph fastball. Life sucks sometimes.

Swedish Pancakes and Sausage

That's what's for dinner tonight. I've got a great recipe that I got off the web for Swedish Pancakes. Then, just a little lingonberries, some butter, and some cream and it's right tasty. So, to go with it, there's the Hormel link sausage, original flavor.

I'm trying to get in some good eating and some good cooking before I go under the knife on Tuesday. I'm getting my shoulder operated on, and I'm not looking forward to it at all. But before then, I've got to make the best hot chocolate recipe I have in my collection. Come on over and try some!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The U.S. Shouldn't Be a Charitable Organization

Within the past couple of days, President Obama has pledged 100 million dollars to the aid of Haiti. Now, I'm not against helping at all, but I am against a president pledging our tax dollars to do it. I heard a guy say, that he was all excited to help out, but then heard about the $100 million and figured, "looks like the government is taking care of it", which is the problem with governmental charity---it stops individual charity, or severely reduces it.
I must admit that when I heard about the gift we are all a part of giving through our taxes, I felt that there was less desperate need for my personal donation.
There's a second reason for my uneasiness at this transaction. That is, it's not possible for us to do this for every nation that has trouble, unless we are prepared for a huge tax increase to pay for it. With a monstrous tax increase already on the table because of the out of control spending by this administration--that seems like something we just can't afford to get into.

Let private citizens contribute and only private citizens. Let the government step in with the military or whatever to help in the distribution, and the heavy equipment needed, but donations will stream in from charitable people everywhere, unless they think, as myself, and the guy mentioned above, that the government is doing it for them.