Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Failing American Press

The institutions which the Founders of our great country thought would protect us against the corruption of government, namely our newspapers and other sources of news, have become the American equivalent of Pravda. I don't say this lightly, but the news sources of today have become left-wing propaganda machines, many of them openly routing for Obama to win the presidency. Pravda Amerika now rules the roost and has played a huge role in this year's election. I haven't seen a single investigational report on Barack's ties to Bill Ayres. Not one. And if anyone tries to bring it up, it's pooh poohed as bringing up the past. "Forget about that," they seem to say, "we've got a black man running for president for the first time. A legitimate candidate at least."
Which brings up my next point. Why are we so concerned about skin color in this country? Many are voting for Obama only because he's black and it's time for a black man to be president so we can prove to the world how far we've come as a nation. Have we become so insecure that we need to vote in thisblack man? The other day someone I heard on a radio program made the analogy that if O.J. Simpson were somehow running for president, would people vote for him simply because he's a black man? I find that ludicrous. Vote for a person because you agree with him or her politically, not because he's black, white, or because she's a woman. Think instead of immersing yourselves in the constant blathering of Dancing With the Stars, House, or American Idol. This isn't some kind of popularity contest, or a game we're playing here. It's the future of our society as we know it.
Another thing that's troubling me is that too many people are letting their emotions rule the way they're voting. They're angry because of the economy, or the war, or whatever else. Wow, I let me anger rule my decision once, and I threw a lawn spreader and then needed surgery. That's the kind of thing that impulsive emotion gets you. Think and reason calmly. Turn off the cell phones, the video games, the TV, and make an informed decision. It will be the best thing you could do for your country.