Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hiking the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Saturday morning, myself, my son, and my son-in-law went on a small hike along the old Lake Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The part we were on was from Bountiful to Centerville, but the trail is actually much longer than that. I basically stumbled upon one geocache, then I pulled out the GPS and found out which one it was. We hadn't started looking for any of them yet, but after I wandered off in the trees, I turned around and there it was. We found two others that I had downloaded the coordinates for earlier that morning.
The hike itself was pleasant, although I think I'd much rather be up among the pines and quakies somewhere--or even above timberline. Oh well, that's still a couple of months away. It was just nice to get out.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What the #!%**@ is happening to our country?

I don't know about you, but I'm peeved, frustrated, and wanting a bunch of people impeached. This bailout/stimulus package is horrifying beyond belief for the future of our country. The people in control are sending the future of our children and grandchildren out the window--either through unparalleled debt, run away inflation (perhaps their plan to solve the debt), and socialism. The New Deal never worked when FDR tried it, and throwing the nation into horrendous debt because its citizens are over their heads in debt will not solve any thing either. Better to let people fall, then help them pick up the pieces.
Frankly I can't believe enough people were bamboozled by the Democrats to allow this to happen. But I see it on several fronts. Those who were tired of Bush cutting taxes and at the same time raising expenditures, the unpopularity of the Iraq war (fueled by many, but not all Richard, members of the press) and those who wanted to make history by helping to elect the first black president. Heck, I have no problem with electing a black president, but we should've made sure he wasn't a socialist before doing so. We should've looked at his campaign promises and seen the light, we should have realized that with Nancy Pelosi in charge of the House, that a veritable cornucopeia of socialist programs would make it through as a blank check to be signed by President Obama.
Then there are those who wouldn't vote for McCain because he's liberal for a Republican, supposedly. So instead, they voted for a third party candidate, helping to ensure the election of the most liberal regime in American history. I hope you can one day justify this to your grandbabies. Warren Buffet said that the stock market was in a shambles the other day. He was right, but not complete. The country is in a shambles. Hold on to your hats, it's a long ride down. I hope in the next few years we can see this as a wake up call and make the changes necessary before it becomes too late--if it isn't already.