Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The U.S. Owns the Moon

So, this argument is a natural progression from the "we were here first" argument put forth by Native Americans. Logically, since they were here first, the land was "stolen" from them. But as an extension of this logic, the Moon belongs to the U.S. on the same basis. The United States owns the moon. So there.

All that being said, I think it's rather ridiculous to assume that because the native peoples were displaced by the Europeans in North America, that it was the first time such a thing has ever happened on this planet. People have been pushed out, conquered, assimilated, and replaced throughout the history of humankind. To the victor go the spoils, as the saying goes, and it's been that way as long as life has existed.

The U.S. Government Needs a New Agency: The People Protection Agency

Today I'm advocating for a new governmental agency. Yes, I know--that's more government intrusion. However, I'm advocating for a People Protection Agency. This agency would have specific powers, namely, to grab all regulations passed by the EPA by the throat, and stomp them into the ground until they're dead. Well maybe not all of them. My proposal would be to have this new agency oversee the EPA and toss out any law that causes harm to people. For example, an EPA statute that protected an endangered form of snail, would be jettisoned if people were losing jobs because of that statute. My reasoning is simple. Most individuals believe that human beings were the final stop on the evolutionary chain, making man the highest order of animal. It stands to reason that the highest form needs to do whatever it takes to survive. Losing ones livelihood because of a snail, fish, or insect, or any number of lower forms of life, is detrimental to the survival of the species. Therefore, I'm recommending that such an agency be created--to stop the over regulation and red tape associated with protecting endangered species, and that the highest form of life on the chain be given top priority when it comes to survival.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Writing to be writing

I'm writing here in my blog because to day I'm avoiding writing. In other words, I'm writing to avoid writing. The writing I'm avoiding is my novel, Last Stand at Cibola. The reason I'm avoiding working on my book, is because this morning the furnace went out and I spent all my time replacing the thermocouple, and now it still won't light, so I'm giving it ten minutes and trying it again. Basically, I can't really get into my novel writing in that short of a period of time--at least, I'm telling myself that. The reality is probably different, but as the saying goes, perception is reality. I'm going to try and find some extra time this evening to work on the book.