Thursday, May 24, 2012

What to do with my photos?

I had an epiphany a while back. In this age of digital photography, it has become so easy to get great photos that nearly everyone is doing it. Some are nicer than others, but really it's much easier for people to get great pics with the new technologies--much easier than the film cameras of years ago. I hated to see that time go, but now, I'm fully into the digital explosion. It costs so much less to be able to save many photos on a card instead of buying roll after roll of film. I guess that's what really has sold me. The question now becomes, what to do with my pictures. Not very many people are able to sell them, simply because there are just too many photographers out there. It's rare indeed to be able to make a sale, at least, to make any kind of living at it, when those needing photos can just go to wikicommons or some other site where people have put up their pics for free, and then download a photo to their liking. So, I'm thinking my photos are just being useless taking up space on my computer. I may as well put them out there for public use, as long as I retain the rights to reuse them at my pleasure.
After all, why worry about them being stolen? That just keeps me from posting many of them and sharing them with people who'd really like to see them. If I keep them to myself, only I get to see them, and that's a travesty for all involved. Not that my pics are that great. Occasionally I take a really nice shot, and I'm getting slowly better at it. One of these days I may be even somewhat adequate at picture taking, and when I do, I'll sell them to National Geographic or any number of magazines that needs great shots. Until that time though, I hope you like it when you see one of my pictures.