Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Outdoor Articles

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Utah's Budget Shortfall

Utah Governor, Gary Herbert seems to be on the right track when he says: "I think raising taxes at a time of economic downturn is absolutely the wrong thing to do. We want to grow the economy, we want to stimulate opportunity in the business community. To put taxes of any kind on top of a repressed market would have, I think, the negative result of actually repressing the economy even more and styming the ability for us to turn the corner."

I hope he sticks with it. To raise taxes to cover our bases is what California has routinely done, and look at their economy. Better to cut things to the bone now, and hope thing get better in the future to avoid the upward spiral of more and more taxes to cover more and more services, or even to cover current services. In my family, when we can't afford something, we don't do it. Utah should do the same.