Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

I continue to be surprised and chagrined at the number of people who want the government to provide all things for them. It's as if they want the feds to be their "daddy", instead of working hard to be successful on their own. Whatever happened to the can-do spirit of America? Now we seem to be saying, I can't make it on my own. I need help. I need to rob from Peter to pay Paul. The government under the U.S. Constitution, was never meant to be like that. I think we have a large percentage of Americans who would advocate for throwing away the Constitution if they really understood what it meant.

It's frightening, really, what's happening within our government right now. Banks being taken over by the feds, Barack Obama passing out handouts with no means to pay for them. The largest deficit spending in history---four times the amount spent during the Bush administration.

This administration is quickly becoming the worst in American history.

So, who's your daddy? Do you have the courage to stand up for the principles that were set forth on this continent more than two centuries ago? Or will you let the country slide into socialism, where all of us are taken care of by a benevolent government, but none of us has any further reason to try and excel? Think about it.

Miss California Gets Slammed for Answering Honestly

When Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was asked the question regarding whether or not she believed in "gay marriage" and answered honestly, and bravely that no she did not, the outcry from the left was deafening. She is so hateful some said, what an intolerant person. Now, it seems, you can't even voice your opinion without being taken to the cleaners for doing so. I, for one, am glad she had the courage to answer that question honestly. And what a ridiculous question it was any way. I don't watch beauty pageants, but some of the low-lifes they have on those panels tick me off in their smugness. I hope brave people will continue to speak out for what is right. The term "marriage" means a man and a woman joined together in matrimony. If two men or two women want to have the same kind of relationship, it needs to be called something else. Sort of like, we shouldn't call a cow a dog.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

We Need Background Checks Now

In light of California Angel's young pitcher, Nick Adenhart's death because of a drunk driver, and the thousands of other deaths caused by inebriation, I propose that all those wishing to purchase alcoholic beverages be first asked to provide their thumb print. This thumb print could then be run through a national database to find out if the potential buyer had anything in his or her background, such as an arrest for DUI, or any kind of obnoxiousness or disturbing the peace complaints. This person would then be denied the ability to buy the alcohol. As it is currently, anyone over the age of 21, and sometimes younger, can purchase alcoholic beverages, no questions asked. Many of these same people go out and drink, and injure or kill innocent people on the roads.

I'd also like to apply this to cell phone users who've been ticketed for traffic accidents that occurred while texting or talking and driving at the same time. These people should be stripped of their cells and forced to use only land lines or pay phones.