Sunday, December 26, 2010

Getting ready to get fit in the New Year

Well, Christmas and Thanksgiving are both past, and I'm hoping my dependence upon "goodies" has receded as well. Of course, New Year's Eve can also be a time of eating large and putting on unwanted poundage. With my New Year's goal of losing 20 pounds by the end of March, I can't wait until I get past December 31st to start. In  the past, I've found that the most effective ways of burning calories include first, controlling what you eat, and second, doing some high-energy burning form of exercise. Eating is the most important. There have been times when I've exercised like a mad man for weeks on end and had the pounds slowly trickle off, one or two ounces at a time. However, when combined with healthy eating habits, such as abandoning french fries, shakes, and donuts, the pounds seem to come off much faster. So, my health tip of the year for you is to stop eating poorly, and only partake of sweets on rare occasions, maybe once a week eat a cookie or two. Also, plan your menus to include lots of veggies, and a lot less fat. I'm going to do it. Join with me for a fit New Year.

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Summer Miller said...

I'm ebarassed to say that as I was reading this post I was shoving caramel popcorn in my mouth.