Sunday, November 02, 2014

Tony Stark: the final picture

This is pretty much the way I looked on Halloween. Actually, it was Halloween when I took this shot, so I did look like this:

Still, not Robert Downey Jr., but I hope I pulled off the Stark thing well enough. I was trying to get a shirt that looked like this:
The center image would light up with battery power, but after I ordered in in late September, I was informed a couple of weeks later that they were out of stock, issued a refund, and was unable to find another place that sold them that also wasn't out of stock. I found the red Iron Man shirt at Target, which helped. I wasn't going to spend the money to rent a suit.

So, how'd I do?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Before and After...Tony Stark

I've been working on perfecting my Halloween costume these past couple of days. As I said before, my grandkids had wanted me to dress up as something. I chose Tony Stark (for those wondering, he's he guy inside the Iron Man suit, played by Robert Downey Jr.). I took this picture of me with the goatee as the before shot (it's admittedly bad):
This weird lookin' guy is me.

Now, I went through the process of getting my hair cut, trimmed and dyed the goatee and removed my glasses. Obviously, I'm not Robert Downey Jr., but here's the result:
All I need is the suit.

Did it come out okay? Let me know if I need to keep the helmet on.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The best things in life are free

So many times we think, if I only had this, how happy I'd be or just let me purchase that, and I'll be a happy man. The truth is, it's the things we cannot buy with money that are of the most value to us. When I think of things that have the most value, words like, faith, courage, kindness, love, character, and friendship come to mind.
I heard from my old friend Sue yesterday. I hadn't reconnected with Sue for 37-38 years, and it was great. But clearly, the best thing about renewing an old friendship is finding out that those we cherish  have many of the characteristics for which there is no price: faith, kindness, courage, love, etc.
These are the kinds of things we need to spend more time on developing. Sue reminded me of a great self-help book, one of early vintage that helps develop such traits. The book is called I Dare You, by William H. Danforth. It is easily readable in less than a day and will help you improve your life.
Let's focus on the important attributes, the things most precious that money cannot buy.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mt. Sneffels, Colorado

My friend, Eric Reeder took this fabulous photo of Mt. Sneffels in Colorado:

I love this part of Colorado. We nearly moved to the Durango/Cortez area years ago, which is only a hop, skip and a jump from Ouray, the town closest to Sneffels, at least on the east. West of Mt. Sneffels is the touristy town of Telluride. For more of Eric's fine work check out
Here's a classic scene from The Avengers. My grandkids kept asking me what I was going to be for Halloween. Finally I decided on Tony Stark. I can pretty much resemble Stark, I think. The attitude is what I need to work on. I won't be in the Iron Man suit however.

I had ordered a shirt with the flashing lights power emblem on it, and it was supposed to barely make it before Halloween, but a week or so later I got a notice that it wouldn't be coming. All other sources seem to be bereft of that shirt as well. I'm not going to wear the Black Sabbath shirt on principle. I've got a Plan B going for that though, thanks to my cousin Gena.

A FB friend of mine hates Halloween because she believes it glorifies evil. I'm not a fan of the evil part of Halloween, but I'm always in favor of those who fight evil (fictional or otherwise). I told her that instead of focusing on evil, focus on helping little kids just be kids, and ask them to dress up as superheroes or other heroic figures. What are you going to be for Halloween?

BTW, do they make Grecian Formula for beards?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kind of my theme song...

Bob Seger's Against the Wind

Life is kind of like that. You all keep fighting and I will too. Cheers. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Military service

People sometimes ask me if I ever served in the military, and the answer is "no". There was a time though when I considered it. Just after high school when I was trying to decide what to do with my life, I approached some Army recruiters who came over to my house and met with me. I was interested, but told them I needed to give it more consideration. After some days of thinking about it, I decided that I would go a different direction. About that time one of the recruiters called me back and asked me what I had decided. I told him that I'd decided not to do it. He said something like, "Well, you're never going to make it in life if you don't join up." That pretty much sealed the deal. I'm the kind of person who if someone tells me I can't do something, I go ahead and prove them wrong, which I've done.

That doesn't mean I've accomplished all I want to in my life. But the day is still young. I've got other people to prove things to, including me, and more causes to fight.

All that being said, my thoughts on this weekend are for those who gave their lives in defense of liberty. I honor all such men and women. To me, they are heroes. Other heroes to me are those who live to fight for freedom. One doesn't need to die to be a hero. One doesn't need to have joined the military to be a warrior in the cause of which I'm speaking. One only needs to stand up for the Constitution, to love liberty, to stand for our God-given rights, to not shut our mouths when confronted, but boldly make our points and defend them.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Writing challenges and how to overcome them

I found a solution to the schedule change dilemma I mentioned in my last post. I found a timer I could download and put on the desktop. I can set it for any length of time, so, what I've done is set it for 10-15 minutes. This allows me to wake up as I peruse Facebook or other things like that. When the timer goes off, I switch it to 30 minutes and do some kind of writing for that length of time. Now writing can mean revising a scene, posting on this blog, thinking about how to change a scene to incorporate all the info I need it to have--you know, anything to do with writing. I'll even use it to study a writing book. As long as I'm focused on writing.

As for finding more time in a day to write, I'm afraid I'm just out of luck. To be a writer when you have an eight hour job, you need to either write only for a short time per day, or abandon other things that need doing, such as keeping up the yard, working out, etc.

One idea I'm toying with is setting aside a specific night per week to write for a longer period of time, say two to three hours.