Monday, December 06, 2010

Democratic Leaders are Lying Through Their Teeth

So, what the dems are trying to lead people to believe is that the Republicans want to give a huge check to the rich in the form of a tax cut. They're telling people that the eeeeevvvil wealthy people in America are getting a rebate if the Republicans get their way, that $43,000 will go into the rich folks' pockets soon and the middle class will suffer because of it.


No, the Republicans are trying to get tax rates to remain the same as they have been since President Bush lowered them. The "rich" and everyone else, won't be getting any tax cuts they will paying the same amount in taxes that they have been. That $43,000 the dems would have you believe they are getting, is a $43,000 job that most probably will vanish if those who provide most of the jobs, i.e., those making over $250,000, are paying higher taxes.

Sometimes the idiocy of the left is sincerely frightening. It's always damaging to our country.

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I consider myself fiscally conservative, and that means I try to understand the economic realities of the world. One of them is that if you tax the rich, they will hire fewer people, give them fewer benefits, and stimulate the economy less. One-dimentional liberals always try to make economics about equality, and it will never be that way.