Saturday, April 19, 2008

China Demands Apology

Well, well, well. China has demanded an apology from CNN's Jack Cafferty for calling them "thugs and goons". Here's the link:

Cafferty should apologize. He should apologize for not calling them thieves and murderers as well. I'm going to apologize for him. China, I'm sorry that you poisoned people in Latin America, by cutting costs. I'm sorry you murdered those people. China, I'm sorry you put lead in many products you shipped to America and around the world. I deeply apologize for that. I'm sorry that you fill the air with more pollution than any country in existence. I feel real bad that you swindle software makers by not cracking down on software piracy. I'm sorry you are using the Olympics as a propaganda tool, reminiscent of the Nazi propagand machine of the 1930s. I'm sorry you keep killing children if they aren't male. I'm sorry you oppress millions, including, but not limited to those who dare protest in Tienemen Square, and the people of Tibet.
Hey China--if one of your blue-coated thugs tried to brutally stop me from getting too close to the Olympic torch in my own country, he'd be in the hospital. I'd apologize for that of course.