Monday, April 04, 2005

Writer's World

The world of the writer is often a lonely one. Friends say "you can't be serious". Relatives tend to agree with the friends, but put up a front of support. Searching for jobs in the writing world is an interesting proposition, with potential employers always wanting more experience than the writer has. Of course now, novel writing isn't a place that requires a lot of education or on the job experience--just a lot of hard work and dedication; a little talent would be nice too. Consider taking on jobs that you wouldn't normally do if you're serious about being a writer. For example, contact your community newspaper and offer to do articles for them. I did this once. I ended up quitting real soon after having to deal with only one digital camera that needed to be exchanged among all the reporters. It was a pain the butt trying to connect with the editor. Still, I got the experience, so if you're committed, take on these kinds of projects.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Today's trials

I haven't really done a lot of posting here--as you can tell. Been caught up in the realities of trying to get my fledgling writing career moving. There are a lot of things happening in the world--and some things I'd like to mention. The President was right about Iraq. The roots of freedom are beginning to take hold, not only in that country, but around the Middle-East. There are some great things happening out there--things that wouldn't have been thought of a decade ago. I think that's important to remember.