Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Music: one of my favorite things

I am a maker and keeper of lists. One thing I make lists of is music. I have several music lists on Spotify, for example. For the uninitiated--and I'm sure those are few and far between these days--Spotify lets you find songs and/or artists you like and create lists that you can play back. I've found Spotify to be really nice when I'm not having connection issues. I think sometimes that Comcast is throttling the band width in our household because we have so many people on devices at once. That can lead to dropping off in the middle of a song on Spotify.
That being said I have more than twenty-five lists of songs on Spotify. I have six different Christmas song lists alone.
I also like to use Pandora for music listening, and, although I cannot create my own lists with this website, what Pandora does is help me to find new artists  via the Music Genome. I click the thumbs up on songs I like and Pandora tries to find more songs for me with similar attributes. Conversely, when I clicke the thumbs down symbol, Pandora will drop that song from the list of songs it will play on any of my different Pandora "stations".
For an interesting comparison between Pandora and Spotify, go here: clickety-click
I also have a large collection of cds and MP3s of my own. I rarely use the cds any more. I have ripped nearly all my cds into MP3s, so for now, I just keep the cds handy and collect them. I will pull them out sometime in the future when I have some upgraded listening equipment and the time to just lay back with headphones and listen.
That's another thing. I think that with all the background noise, one cannot hear the flaws inherent in MP3 technology, or the FM radio kind of technology that web-based music listening sites use for their free versions. I understand some of them are upgraded if you use their premium level, which requires spending money. That isn't really worth it to me.
One thing anyone living with me can attest--I listen to music a lot. Maybe not every day. But on the days I listen, I usually listen for a long time. Most of the time I'm discouraged from listening by those who wish to watch tv. So, the bottom line is, if you want to hang out with me, be prepared to listen to some good music.

That being said, here's a great song by the amazing, Nat King Cole:

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