Wednesday, January 07, 2015

E-cigs, Vaping and the whole smoking thing

I've just got to comment on this because, well, vaping sucks nearly as much as smoking real cigarettes sucks. The vapor hangs like a cloud in whatever place it happens to be. As a mail carrier, I get the chance to deliver to a vaping supply store once a week and the mist that is in that place is frankly nauseating. Sickeningly sweet, and we don't even know how harmful it is. Check out this article from Web MD for just one example: clickety-click.

How much better it would be if no one had to stick any kind of cigarettes in their mouths and inhale anything. Of course, I'm fairly libertarian in my views and feel that for the most part, people should be able to do what they want in their own homes, or if enough distance is kept between them and others who don't like it--for example, if I don't like your smoke or vapors, I should be able to complain only if it's in a place that I have to frequent or traverse. That being said, like regular cigarette smoking, it's a habit most should try and end.

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