Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 6...

On the sixth day of our vacation, we had a hang around Mesa kind of day. We got up late, ate some breakfast at the house where we were staying (cereal and toast for me). Then went out to do some book shopping. There's a new/used book store in Mesa called "Bookman's", and that's the first place we went. They not only had used books, but used cds, dvds, blu-ray, musical instruments, assorted knick knacks (including some wooden boxes) and various other things for sale. I ended up buying myself a book/dvd combo on learning to ski, and a jar of old marbles. Ann bought a few dodads and whatchamacallits and some alphabet books (she has well over 100 ABC books in her collections, and she's quite selective at this point).

We were ready for lunch at this point which was about 12:30 and with an early dinner date planned with Debi and Morris, we wanted to eat a bit lighter during the noon hour, and we did so. After lunch we headed to the Goodwill store and I ended up buying some little computer speakers for the laptop. We headed home after that as Ann wanted to change clothing and rest for a while. I fell asleep on the couch sitting up (I'd woken up in the middle of the night and been unable to sleep), and Ann talked with her brother Tom. At about 2:50 I woke up and said to Ann that if we were going to make the 4:00 appointment with Debi and Morris, we'd better head over to our final bookstore ASAP. We got going, Ann bought a few more alphabet books, I bought a krav maga book.

We were fifteen minutes late to Debi and Morris' house and we drove in separate vehicles to Oregano's, an Italian place that they highly recommended. The portions were large and the food was quite good. I got the garlic chicken lasagna and after the appetizer, salad, and garlic bread, I only ate half of it and took the rest back to our lodgings and threw it in the fridge. Before we went home, however, we visited with Debi, Morris, their daughter Alyson and Ann's mother, Rosalee. It was going to be our last night to visit, so we stayed until almost ten. We said our good-byes, I took a pic of Ann with her mom and we headed home. I stayed up reading, while Ann watched American Idol which she likes and which Tom had recorded for her. I think we actually got to bed at 12:45.

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