Friday, May 22, 2015

The contradictions of liberalism

I think it's really ironic the way the left treats religion. Here's an example. If someone says that they believe in the death penalty for murder because the Bible tells them that people who murder should be put to death, there is a large segment of the left  that oppose the death penalty who will say things like “stop letting your religion control our lives” or “there's supposed to be separation of church and state” or “you are a religious fanatic”.

On the other hand if someone claims that there should be no capital punishment because God said “Thou shalt not kill” in the Ten Commandments, those same people on the left will support that decision wholeheartedly. There is no complaint about religious fanaticism, or separation of church and state then.

Why the difference?

What about the anti-slavery movement that happened here in America in the 1800s? That was fueled by Christian abolitionists who found Biblical reasons to oppose slavery. Would the left say that because of separation of church and state, that the abolitionist movement should therefore have ceased?

The thing is, it's not about the religion. It's about the values. If my values agree with those on the left, even though I found them in the Bible, they are perfectly fine values. But if my values do not concur with the prevailing views of the left, they are then shot down as religious intrusions into other's lives.

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