Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cats and sleep--not a good mix

Just when you think you might get a good night's sleep, there's a thing called a cat that gets in the way.
Did I tell you that cats can be strange, annoying little creatures at times?
So, about 4 am, Scout, who had been outside was meowing outside my bedroom window. Ann had left the room earlier because she had trouble sleeping in the bed, and was watching television in the other room, wide awake, but because her oxygen compressor is rather loud, she didn't hear the cat.
I did though, and woke up to let Scout in. Our bedroom has two entrances, one of them is through the bathroom that is by the back door. So there is one door right by the back door that leads into the bathroom, and another door from the bathroom into our bedroom. The other entrance to our bedroom is from the hallway that leads to the living room. I have learned through sad experience that Scout rarely takes the direct route to our bedroom, through the back bathroom, but instead wanders all the way around through the living room and up the long hallway to reach our bedroom door.
I usually have that door closed because when Ann can't sleep, she leaves the hall light on, and also is generally watching tv or listening to music. However, knowing Scouts habits, I opened that door a crack and got back in bed, knowing that in just a couple of minutes, I'd have to get back up again and shut that door to keep the sound of the tv to a minimum.
Sure enough, a few minutes later, Scout came through that door, leaving it open a few inches. Can you train a cat to close a door behind itself? As I got up to close the door so I could go back to sleep, Scout jumped off the bed and ran out into the hallway.
I got back in bed, still not daring to go back to sleep, knowing that she would be back in moments. She was. This time I warned her not to run out the door again. Instead, she ran out the other door, into the bathroom toward the kitchen. I followed her thinking she must have wanted to go back outside. She didn't. She was dissatisfied with the food in her bowl. A little plastic was showing at the bottom of her food dish, and that is just unacceptable, I guess. Has she ever heard of cleaning her plate? Or bowl in this case? I sometimes want to treat her like a little kid... “clean your plate and then I'll give you more,” I want to say, but know it will be futile.
I gave her another helping, then went back and layed on the bed, knowing that in moments, there would be more instructions from the cat. Done with eating the upgraded food, she wanted to go back out. Finally I could enjoy another hour or two of sleep.
Ten minutes later, there was a meowing outside my bedroom window. Did I tell you cats can be annoying little creatures?
Yeah, just stare at me, you annoying little creature!

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