Saturday, May 02, 2015

More this and that...

How are stress and blood pressure related? I can tell you. On Monday I had a doctor's appointment to have a form signed by a physician as to the safety of my driving based upon a history of high blood pressure. I was excited to go, because the last few times I'd had it checked, it had been normal, without taking any kind of medication. I was looking forward to getting rid of that form. Then, the nurse came in to check it and I suddenly became extremely bummed. It was very high, 160/104. I instantly knew what the trouble was. There had been a lot of stress in our home for the past week. I didn't want to go back on the meds and I didn't take the ones the doc prescribed for me the first day I got them. Then I took one of the pills on Wednesday. I ordered my own blood pressure tester and it arrived yesterday. During the past few days, I had largely eliminated the stress in the home. When I checked my bp it was 115/72.

Secondly, leaving the ninety and nine to go after the one is what the Savior did, and it's what I'm trying to emulate. Some of the sheep take longer than others. I'm fairly certain that the Lord would stay in the pasture with the lamb until it was ready to go.  I would rather follow the Savior's example than any other example in my life. I'm sorry, but I can't pick a better one.

These two may be related. Or it may be more randomness. Whatever the case, if you've ever had a lost lamb, you will know that it causes stress.

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