Saturday, April 30, 2016

Some photos from our trip to Ventura, California

We've been on a vacation and have spent the last few days in Ventura, California. It has been nice and relaxing, with no real plans, we have just made up what we have done as each day transpired. For me, this time, not scheduling very much has been better than running around like over-scheduling soccer moms. Most of the days we have spent some time on the beach, though with Ann's disability, it has been mostly me spending time on the beach, and her sitting and watching the people and the waves from a distance. I have tried to park the car in strategic locations so that she can watch people and the waves at the same time, and I have walked up and down the beach, mostly looking for shells to take home to show the grandkids. Not wanting to spend all day by myself walking the beach, nor to leave Ann sitting in the car for too long, has led to my not spending all the time I'd like with the ocean, but that's okay. And she has actually gotten out a time or two and touched the sand, once even using her walker to go out on a point, called "Rehab Point" to get a better view. I think she had a lot of fun that day, watching the waves and having brief conversations from people as they passed her on the walkway.
One night we got together with the Emmons, whom we knew from online communications, but had never met in person. Surprise, we found out they were people, just like us, who have to live with struggles every day, and who have great things happen from time to time. Getting together with them was one of the highlights of our trip.
Another highlight was visiting Serra Cross Park/Grant Park. Grant Park is a place where you can drive that's up higher and has a great view of the city and the ocean and beaches below. Within Grant Park is Serra Cross Park. Serra Cross named for Father Serra who put up the first cross in the area in 1782, down lower, to note the location of the nearby mission. The cross itself had gone through several incarnations and early in the 20th century was moved to its current location. In 2003 it came under fire from those who think it was a violation of separation of church and state, because it was on public land. The city sold the land to a private group who kept the cross there.
Last night, our last night there, I left Ann in our room and went down to the beach, one called Surfer's Knoll or something like that, right by Ventura Harbor, to attempt to take some pics of the waves and the sunset. The sunset itself wasn't spectacular. It was hazy as it has been all week, and the sky didn't have the wide array of hues that one loves to see in a sunset, but I got some pics and they didn't turn out too bad.
Now today, we are homeward bound. We'll spend the next two nights in Las Vegas, and then get home Monday. The trip has been relaxing, if not amazing, and it has been nice to get away from work, but Tuesday I'll be back at the grind. In a way, I'm looking forward to getting back to normal. But in the back of my mind, I'll be waiting for the next big adventure.
This bird on the beach appeared to be injured or sick.

One of the places where Ann got out to take a closer look.


Views from Grant Park/Serra Cross Park were amazing

The cross at Serra Cross park. This was lifelike in size.

Sunset at Surfer's Knoll, near Ventura Harbor

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