Saturday, April 23, 2016

A thud in the middle of the night

Last night I was startled from a sound sleep by loud thud. Instantly I thought it was my wife, Ann, who wasn't at my side in the bed, but just a couple of seconds later I could hear her footsteps in the hall. "Did you hear that?" I said. "It scared the heck out of me. I thought it was you." It wasn't, praise God!
But it was uncanny because the noise I heard sounded exactly like someone falling to the floor in a heap. After making sure Ann was safe I decided that I could wait until the morning light to find out what had happened. Unfortunately, the adrenalin I had experienced in my brief moment of panic kept me awake for the remainder of the night.
The wind had been blowing hard and I suspected maybe a branch from our large evergreen tree to the south of our house, the one I had talked about with a friend just yesterday. Sure enough, when I walked outside in my pajamas this morning, there was a four inch thick branch lying on our house, right above our bedroom. I pulled it off and inspected the roof which had just been put on in October. Thank goodness, there was no damage. I will be grateful for that, and likely, the nap I will take this afternoon.

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