Sunday, March 06, 2016

Rainy Sunday mornings are awesome!

When I walked outside this morning to go to church, the first thing I noticed was the strong wind pushing north. The skies were gray and I could tell that a storm is out there, waiting to pounce. It began sprinkling as I parked and headed into the church building. The smell coming from the rain on the nearby farms, carried on the wind, caressed my nose and it was wonderful. There's nothing like the smell of rain, and nothing like the feel of it on your skin. I looked toward the Wasatch Mountains and the clouds lowering around them made me want to be up in the peaks, playing, waiting for the rains and possibly damp, heavy, snow to come down. But I couldn't just go up there right then. Commitments sometimes keep us from enjoying God's blessings of the scent of rain, and the feel and sound of the wind. It's okay though. I can thank Him for them now, and go out and play in them later.

Just thinking about the great things the Lord has done for us is enough to keep one humble. We cannot fathom all that has been done on our behalf. I know some of you don't believe in God. For me, I cannot go through a single day of my life without having his presence manifested. And for that, I can offer nothing but praise and a heart that yearns to do His will, but can never fully do so. I am, after all, a mortal and sinful man. It's not an excuse, but a fact. I will rely upon the strength of my Redeemer, Jesus Christ, to see me through. He died that I might live, and for that, I praise his name forever.

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