Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Skiing at Deer Valley was a great experience

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go skiing one more time this season. I had never gone skiing this late in the year. My lift pass, thanks to my son Sam who acquired a free pass for me, was to Deer Valley. I had also never been to Deer Valley and had no idea where anything was, nor what to expect once there.
I got to the parking lot and asked directions from the attendant. A few minutes later, I was exchanging my voucher for a ski pass and heading up for my first run.
It was crowded with a bunch of kids taking lessons. As I swept down the first run, I found myself narrowly avoiding people because there were so many. I thought it odd, considering it was a school day. The days had been warm in the past week and the snow had melted then refrozen in some places, making those places a bit treacherous.
As the day warmed up. the icy places diminished and the snow got better. I found myself riding the list with three kids, probably aged 9-13. We began talking and I found out they were from Manhattan, here for a two week vacation. They marveled when I told them I didn't ski more than 3-4 times per year. One of them told me he had season ticket to the Knicks, Jets, and Rangers.
On another ride up, I sat with two parents and a young teenager. They were involved in their own little world, talking amongst themselves, although the woman did say "hi" to me as we boarded the lift. The guy was talking to her about this huge deal that he had just received a confirmation on on his phone. It was some kind of huge trade and it was one of his account that someone had completed in his absence.
Clearly Deer Valley is a ski resort for the wealthy.
I stopped for a rest at about 11:30, then at noon I started again, this time figuring out that if I worked my way around the resort, further away from the original lift, the crowds were quite a bit smaller and there weren't any kids taking lessons (most of them were skiing better than I was, btw). I stayed in the lesser used areas for a few runs, then began to work my way back.
As the day wore on, the snow began to deteriorate again and in some places became so slushy that it was tough to ski through. I was getting worn out at around 2:00 so I decided to leave. All in all, I really enjoyed my day skiing. The only thing that would've made it much better would have been to have someone along to enjoy it with me.

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