Sunday, February 07, 2016

Tax time--do it early this year

I think I'll figure out my taxes tomorrow. It's my day off, and it needs to be done. Of course, I hate doing it. I had planned on doing it on my last day off and ended up postponing it. There are several reasons why doing taxes is a pain the butt, and that's why I abhor doing them. Chief among the reasons is the paperwork involved. I have to have that document, and this document just to get started. I have to sort through stacks of stuff to find what I need. I could take it to a professional, but I'd still have to sort through my own pile at home before I took it.
My taxes aren't that complicated. I don't need an accountant to do them. Generally, I use an online free tax program and that works just fine.
Still it gives me a headache.
There's a good reason though for me to get on it and get it done tomorrow though. Thieves are using identity theft to steal people's refunds, so the sooner you can file your own taxes, the less chance that you will be a victim of fraud. Not that I'm expecting much of a refund, if any. I do adjustments to try and break even. I may even have to pay a little. But that's another good reason to get my taxes done early, so that I know if I owe anything prior to the deadline.
I sure wish we could adopt an easier system. I like paper. It's great for writing, gift wrapping, books, and making airplanes. What I don't like is the headache of taxes each year. I really support the Fair Tax. But if that doesn't fly, I want some kind of flat tax.

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