Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Liberty and the current government crisis

I cannot go along with those who claim doomsday is just past the horizon. Though I believe there may come a time when the foibles of our political leadership have led us down a road of no return, I find it counterproductive to assume that we are already there. That may be the case and preparing for it should be on every thinking person's mind (and not only on their minds, but in their plans and in their actions, such as acquiring needed resources in the eventuality of such a disaster as the collapse of our economy) from time to time, but to continually dwell upon it removes all hope and joy from life.
So what do I think needs to be done, right here, right now? If the elections are truly a farce, rigged, and people are truly fraudulently elected--if the American people are truly fools who will elect whomever the media convinces them should be elected--if no matter who I elect caters to the media, the corporations, George Soros, or anyone else who is out there pulling strings, then nothing I do matters. Why should I do anything other than prepare for the eventual war that will occur?
The reason is this, I do not believe that we should give up non-violent measures to preserve life and liberty until all other measures have been exhausted.
That being said, we see through national polling (not discounting that the polls themselves could be rigged, but I'm not as much of a conspiracist to believe that every pollster is bought and paid for) that all of the Republicans, save Donald Trump, beat any Democrat running. This looms large because of one thing--the recent demise of a true champion of the Constitution on the Supreme Court--Antonin Scalia. With the Court in a crucial balance right now, one more leftist on it could totally undo our Constitution. If we get another Supreme Court justice like Sonia Sotomayor to replace Scalia, say goodbye to our 2nd Amendment rights.
That makes it imperative for any Constitution loving American to vote and to vote for the most conservative candidate who can actually win. Voting for a Libertarian or Constitution Party candidate doesn't get the job done of electing a candidate who will nominate a justice who actually believes in and affirms the original intent of the Constitution. This election is more crucial than any other, and the death of Scalia makes it even more so. Trump isn't the candidate who would defeat Clinton or Sanders, and it's arguable that he's even a conservative. It's highly questionable who he might nominate as a Supreme Court justice. Yet for conservatives to say that they won't vote for him if he's the Republican candidate is to virtually give the presidency to the left, and thus tearing to shreds the remaining fabric of our beloved Constitution. The best thing is to make sure that Trump isn't the candidate representing conservative values, but if he is, he is a far better choice than either Hillary or "the Bern". Unless, of course, your goal is to undermine the Constitution and reduce liberty in America. If that's your goal, my advice is to vote for one of the leftist candidates, and then, when you find that your liberty has been usurped by those who would curtail your freedom of speech, your ability to call terrorism terrorism, your ability to speak your mind without recrimination, your ability to drive as far as you want to in whatever vehicle you want to drive--then you can take full responsibility for your actions. For each man or woman must own up to the decisions they make and the causes they advocate--and the results that come from those choices.
Yes, we might be headed down a path of destruction, but to do nothing to stop it, or if we try and hasten it, is in my mind a trail to ruin. I will be there to fight, if and when the time comes, but I will not give up on the America in which I grew up. I will not give up on the fighting spirit of liberty that has dwelt in the heart of every true American since the day our Founder first signed the great Declaration. Those Founders fought for liberty, even to be wrong.

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