Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Life amid its busyness

I have taken on extra work since the beginning of the year. At the post office where I work, employees can get on the overtime list at the beginning of each quarter. I generally stay off the list for three quarters of the year, but get on it for the first three months of the year. As time has gone by, however, and my responsibilities at home have gotten greater, I see the need to stop this practice. Either that, or find ways to make my home responsibilities less than they currently are. Most of the home responsibilities depend upon Ann's health. She can do things to improve her health, but with the auto-immune disorders that she has, there is a limited ceiling to what she can reasonably be expected to do.

Still, anything helps. And, it should snowball. If she can have one success, like making one dinner per week, she will see that she can do more and progress from there. It's a win win situation.

Getting on the OT list has been a big help for this particular first quarter. We have some added expenses like paying taxes, doing the timing belt on the car, and some other things that weren't really projected. It has, however, made it much more challenging to write in this blog.

That being said, it's part of life, and I kind of like the challenge. I just don't want things to get too challenging. This level is about my max for not being too stressed.

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