Friday, January 01, 2016

Looking back, and looking ahead to 2016

For me personally, 2015 was a great year. It reached its peak in the last few days. I like it when years go like that, but that isn't always the case, and in my case, much of the way a year goes is based upon attitude. Did some bad things happen to me during the year? Of course they did. But I think that when it comes to survival and ultimately, victory, the attitude we take toward the challenges of life is what makes the difference. I no more believe I'm going to lose now, than I ever did. Coming off victorious sometimes requires tenacity and stubbornness greater than the brutality of the challenges. It requires sheer will at times. I remember once hearing that Olympic runner (winner of the 1984 Olympic marathon), and former world record holder in the marathon, Carlos Lopes looked at each marathon as one man against another. He would say (to paraphrase) that the other guy running next to him was just as tired as he was, and all he had to do was the keep running until the other guy gave out. That's how I view my challenges in life---keep on surviving until I leave the problems behind, whether the problems are people or events. With people, I actually don't try and leave them behind (unless they deserve it and only a few really bad people do), but strive to out-stubborn them. That is my way of winning. I will outlast those whose ammo is negativism. Period.

But 2015 ended, not with having to outlast anyone, but with a sense of great happiness. At the last, I celebrated with the rest at midnight, banging my sauce pan with a wooden spoon, ringing in the new year. And what a year that promises to be! It is never guaranteed, what kind of year will happen, but looking forward with a positive attitude, and taking setbacks with courage and faith, go a long way toward fulfilling the promise of the newness. 2016 might not end up in grand fashion like 2015 did, but it's starting out like a miracle. When you view it with those eyes, you see that whatever else happens, you can win in the end. And that, is a beautiful thought.

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