Saturday, February 23, 2008

We the Sheeple

I keep wondering what the attraction is for Barack Obama. He's done nothing to make anyone think he could be a good president. His one message is repeated constantly--albeit, it's a hopeful message, but what substance is there behind it? Have we become a nation that's so easily fooled into doing the foolish? Do we respond so readily to the emotion and enthusiasm of a train that is on tracks to who knows where, simply because he's a fresh face and speaks words of encouragement? Are we so bereft of our own optimism that we need to grab on to whatever form of optimism comes our way? We seem to have become a nation of unthinking, idol-worshipping, Hollywood idolizing, followers instead of people who spend some time thinking. Put away the cell phones, the ipods, the headphones, the American Idol, and actually do some thinking and looking at the issues as they really are. Stop following like sheep or lemmings some leader whom you know nothing about. I guess charisma is what drives people these days---instead of well-though out selections at the voter booth. May God save us all.

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