Friday, March 14, 2008

The Cowards of the Country

Once again Congress shows its spinelessness in passing a huge budget without reductions in earmarks. Our beloved representatives also would pass on to us an increase in taxes, again, failing to reduce spending. Here's a related article from USA Today:
Of course, what else is new with the Cowards of the Country?

Now everyone considered them
the cowards of the country.
They never did one single thing
to prove the country wrong.

I can hear that tune now, as sung by Kenny Rogers. Just think of how our country would be if the federal government got back to Constitutional principles and only had their fingers in those things that they are supposed to have their fingers in. Geez, how did it get to this point? I'll tell you how. The do-gooders found an outfit that actually had the power to help everyone--at least so they think. Never mind that this isn't the responsibility of our government, but the responsibility of the citizens themselves. These are the same liberals that think society has more of a claim and responsibility for children than parents, and increasingly, the generational effect of this mindset is reaping its destruction amongst America's families. These are the same liberal, teacher's union supporting freaks that have taken away home-schooling rights from parents in California--creating a law in which parents who would teach their children at home must have a teaching degree. Never mind that many of the people who have such degrees couldn't teach a kid how to butter bread.
So with the cowards in charge, anything and everything is happening. And it ain't good.

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