Thursday, June 22, 2017

Reposting this because Facebook won't

I don't know what it is. Does Facebook have a filter for the word "God" now?  I tried posting this article several times and it kept saying "try again later", but then when I liked a couple of things it worked just fine. Anyway this is an interesting article I found in the Deseret News this morning called, "How Some Christians Find God in Bryce Canyon and Other National Parks".

2 comments: said...

It has nothing to do with the word "God." Facebook is just badly coded.

Shane Roe said...

Thanks, Richard. I didn't want to think so, so I'm glad I'm wrong. It just didn't make sense that everything else I was posting was going up just fine, but then I try to post the link to the actual article which included "God" in the title and after several attempts figured they might be blocking God.