Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lab tests look good

I have been minimally concerned ever since I stopped going to the naturopath I was going to. Not that I believe now that naturopaths have nothing worthwhile to offer. I think there are all kinds of non-traditional medicines that make sense and are perhaps less invasive on the body. So, none of that was why I stopped going to the guy. The reason I stopped going was really his lack of thoroughness and professionalism. He would do things like fail to tell me to fast for lab tests, and not even warn me ahead of time about certain procedures he would do--seemingly on the spur of the moment. To me he also seemed to be throwing supplements in a hope that something would work.
As a health nut, this kind of stuff bothered me enough that I decided to stop going to the guy. But prior to that, he taken some blood to send to the lab and there had been some disconcerting indicators, like high blood sugar, and also indicators of kidney malfunction.
I went back to my regular doctor to have these things checked. I had to wait for a while to get this done, because the insurance will only pay for so many labs in a certain time frame. Finally I got the results of my new lab test and everything came out normal. I had been thinking all along that my kidney indicators were off most likely because of dehydration, so I made sure to drink a lot of water both the day before, and the morning of my blood draw. For that reason, normal kidney function didn't surprise me.
I haven't actually seen the results myself yet. I would like to know how close to too high or too low some of these things are. But right now, I feel great about the results. The only thing I need to figure out now, is my blood pressure.
My blood pressure is usually in the good range when I take it at home, and nearly always high at the doctor's office. I told the nurse the other day that my blood pressure goes up at the doctor's office because I'm so stressed about it going up at the doctor's office. I actually think this is the case. I'll need to rule out my blood pressure device as faulty. I think I will just have to buy another monitor and see if they both read the same. If they do, then either I'm correct about my bp rising at the doc's office, or their machine is faulty.
At any rate, I'm feeling good about my general health right now, trying to drink more water to keep the kidneys strong, and trying to eat better. Incidentally, I don't think the fries and the churro at the concert last night helped at all with any of that...

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