Sunday, August 14, 2016

Always check your gym bag

Yesterday morning, I did my typical "sneak into the bedroom in the dark and grab the shirt and shorts out of the drawer and try not to wake Ann up" routine. I went into the other room and stuffed those two items, along with my shoes, into my gym bag.
After work, I arrived at the gym, stripped down and went to put on the clothes. The "shorts" that I had grabbed out of my drawer in the dark, ended up being Ann's capris! At that point, I had three choices. Either I could get dressed again in my work clothes and bag working out, I could wear Ann's capris to work out in, or I could put my mailman shorts back on and work out in those. I chose the last one. I actually had a pretty good workout too, doing my treadmill 5k in 31:10, which is my fastest time this year. Maybe I'll wear my mailman shorts all the time to work out in.

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