Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Injured, but chipper

Apparently, on a recent hike, I re-injured a part of my body that I had initially injured while skiing in January or February. The pain of the ski crash had never fully gone away and I had already been thinking I would see a doctor about it. Today, I called in sick because it hurt to move my legs.  Lifting my right leg up, such as in putting on a pair of pants, or rolling around in bed, hurts like crazy. It was hurting yesterday and got increasingly worse. I couldn't imagine getting in and out of my mail truck as much as I would be doing today.
I'll try to schedule an appointment with my usual guru for injuries, Jim McIntyre, hopefully for today if possible. If not, I have a day off tomorrow, so maybe then. I'm thinking that if I can get in today, and it checks out as just something that needs time to heal, rather than surgery, I'll still go to the gym tomorrow, but not do any exercises that hurt the area affected.
I'm upbeat about it. I'm not dead or dying. I'm actually feeling great other than this particular wound, so I'm anxious to get back into the gym and continue my workouts, which have by the amount of overtime I've gotten over the past six months, been severely curtailed. This isn't really a setback and I'm thinking it's kind of minor, but the fact that it hadn't healed in several months tells me that it may have been a bit more egregious than I originally thought. I'm fairly certain though, that if I had the inclination, I could still do plenty of stuff today that requires upper body strength--you know, like canoeing or kayaking. Well, I could, but I never call in sick to go play.

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