Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Uintas fly fishing

I just learned the "surgeon's knot" today. This is the knot that allows you to tie a tippet onto the leader of you fly line. My dad had taught me the old-fashioned way when he was teaching me how to fly fish about twenty years ago. "Take it down to the shop at Sportsmen's Warehouse and they'll tie it on for you."
After learning the surgeon's knot, I have no idea why he didn't teach me that. It was very easy to learn and will save me lots of time going to Sportsmen's--even though there are a lot of great reasons to go there. I was there earlier today picking up some bubbles,  the tippet line and some new leaders, and halfway thought about just bringing in the reel and having them tie it on. But I figured, it was time I learned something new.
I just typed it in in Google, and within fifteen minutes, five really, I had it mastered.
Now, I'd like to learn both the handshake and nail knots, but I don't need them yet. They both also look fairly simple to master.
Tomorrow, I go fishing up to Divide Lakes and  Little Hidden Lake in the Uintas. I'm taking both the fly rod and the spin rod. If one's not working, I'll try the other. In either case, the fishing ought to be great. Even if I catch nothing but beautiful vistas.

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