Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sky shots

I often find that I'm nowhere near a camera when amazing sunsets happen. Nowadays though, you can get pretty decent pics on most phones. I have a cheap phone and don't know how to use the camera on it, nor if it can be uploaded somewhere if I manage to figure out how to take a shot. For this reason, when I want to take photographs, I take real cameras. I personally believe that real cameras take real photographs and phones take snapshots. In reality, it's the person behind either one that can capture a good shot, or not.
I think my method for capturing great shots involves taking massive numbers of photos, then discarding 90 percent of them as not worthy of reproduction.
That being said, my wife Ann and I drove up near East Canyon, Utah last evening, intent on being there if the early evening sunset turned the sky to pink  and orange fire.
The sunset wasn't utterly amazing, but still, I think I was able to get some fairly decent shots.
East Canyon Reservoir at dusk

Looking back over my shoulder at the wispy clouds behind me
Mostly, those who capture the best sunsets and photos over all, spend a great deal of time out at the location from where they want to take the shot, waiting for the perfect shot. The rest of us just get lucky once in a while.

One final shot...

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