Saturday, March 21, 2015

I'm feeling a bit sucky today

Some days, you just don't feel all that great. It can be a physical thing, or it can be something emotional or mental. Sometimes you can't even do anything about it. Like now. For me.

We all feel down sometimes. And we all need to know how to climb back up. I know. You've felt down before too. Maybe you're even feeling so now. So, now, how to climb back up. That's the million dollar question and there often aren't easy answers.

Here's my suggestion. Grab your life by the scruff of the neck and make it do what you want it to do. That's it. Be proactive. Don't wait. Do something. Maybe knocking yourself off dead-center is what you need to do in order to get out of the blues.

It's what I need. Or at least, part of what I need. The other part lies down the road, and only time will cure that part.

Until then, I (and you) need to make the best of what God has given us. We all do. It's those who can do so who end up living happy lives filled with great things. And that's what I want.

2 comments: said...

Abby and I were going to drop the RV off to have the generator fixed, then get dinner together, but she's not feeling well enough to do any of that, and I'm feeling helpless and unhappy about it. There's nothing I can do except bring her coffee and keep her warm.

I know you understand.

Shane Roe said...

I certainly feel your pain, Richard. And I feel for Abby as well. It's a day to day thing, isn't it?

Best wishes,