Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fixed NCAA?

There's something fishy about the NCAA basketball tournament. First, last night in the Sweet Sixteen, Utah's best player, Delon Wright gets saddled with a third foul in the first half, that really wasn't much of a foul. Here's an article on it: clickety-click
Duke went on to win the game.
Then, Saturday night, Arizona's best player, Brandon Ashley, gets saddled with early foul trouble on a questionable call.
Isn't it strange that after two number one teams (Duke and Wisconsin) make it to the Sweet Sixteen and  Elite Eight respectively, that a couple of questionable calls largely helps to decide who wins the game...when major stars of the losing teams were forced to sit out for major portions of both games? Doesn't it seem like they're trying to get the number one seeds to make it to the Final Four?
And then three number ones make it to the Final they should've if they were actually number ones, but the road seemed to be made easier for this to happen, just by making sure some PAC-12 stars got in early foul trouble.
I'm not saying that's the case. It could've been just circumstances. After all, Ashley was plagued by early foul trouble all year. But one has to admit that some of the refereeing has been less than stellar at crucial moments in certain games. Either there was a deliberate attempt to make bad calls on opposing teams stars, or the officiating was just plain bad. In either case, it needs to be fixed.

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