Saturday, January 14, 2012

We live in a world of two-year-olds

"That's mine!"
"No. It's mine!"
The cries are heard everywhere now. Whether or not it's the new Michael Jordan shoes people are fighting about, or violence breaking out over the iPad 2. Here's a clip of another incident in China: Hysteria as Beijing iPhone Release Canceled. Each year we hear of more people being involved in tussling over the good deals on Black Friday. The world has become more narcissistic and it's not pleasant to look at.
Our own Congress has shown plenty of signs of this trend, with Harry Reid of the Senate blocking every spending bill the House sends him. Under Reid's "leadership" the Senate has failed to pass a budget for nearly 1000 days. That's approaching three years. By law, they are required to pass a budget every year.

People everywhere are slowly, inexorably, reverting to the toddler stage. They either want government to take care of them (feed me, clothe me, wipe my rear end), or they expect something for nothing from the world. With an ever increasing pace, more and more people are deciding that they shouldn't have to work for what they get. "Mommy," they seem to say, "Pick me up. Take care of me. I can't do it by myself."

Remember when it was shameful to have someone else do something for you that you could and should be responsible for doing yourself? Remember when your mom made you clean your room? If she did it for you, she's part of the problem we have today.

Whatever happened to self-respect? Whatever happened to character? Somehow, it has been replaced by greed, avarice, and a self-centered "me first" attitude that's destroying the world, slowly, like an advancing cancer. How can anyone have any self-respect when they react in such a manner? They can and do certainly have self love. Sadly, most lacking is the love for their fellow travelers here on the earth. Things have become more precious to them than others. Having "mine" is all that is important.

 What to do about it? Well, we could start a war that would send us all back into the stone age. Then people would either have to learn to work again and cooperate again or they would perish. But that's a drastic measure that no one wants. So the only solution is to have a truly vibrant leader, leading from the top, showing the way. That and a return to being a religious and principled people. Not that you can't be principled and void of religion, however, evidence has shown that for the most part, those who follow a code of ethics inspired by godly principles have been more responsible and self-reliant. With them, giving is for the truly needy, not the indolent.

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Wait, wait, wait. What's this about the government wiping my butt for me?

Shane Roe said...

Yeah. Just write your Senator and make sure it's on the next stimulus package.