Monday, January 02, 2012

Mitt Romney, can you lead us out of this morass?

I sent this message to the Mitt Romney Facebook page this morning:

We definitely do need to ask these questions. Are we going to continue to be the free-loading loafers who despise the wealthy job creators because they are wealthy, or are we going to kick government out of our lives and stand on our own two feet like the rugged individualists of yesteryear? I propose that those of us who are wimps quit crying, and get to work supporting ourselves, and that we throw those people out of government who want to handcuff future generations with the lead weight of a massive national debt spawned by entitlements. Rise up and be men, you men, and rise up and be women, you women. This is not the day to forget our roots and depend upon a despotic government for our every day care. It's not the time to turn away from our God-given rights guaranteed by the Constitution. It's the time to stop the taking away of a man or woman the right to live and breathe free. It's the time to remove the shackles from the feet of the American businessmen and the citizens. It's the time to return to the Constitutional free market system that made us great. Mitt, I hope you will spend more time talking about returning to a time when our Constitution wasn't battered about like a flag in a hurricane. Many of us would love to vote for you if you would emphasize your desire to return to the laws and rights that were created at the founding of this great country. I pray for such a man to lead us in this great nation of ours.

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