Sunday, April 12, 2009

We Need Background Checks Now

In light of California Angel's young pitcher, Nick Adenhart's death because of a drunk driver, and the thousands of other deaths caused by inebriation, I propose that all those wishing to purchase alcoholic beverages be first asked to provide their thumb print. This thumb print could then be run through a national database to find out if the potential buyer had anything in his or her background, such as an arrest for DUI, or any kind of obnoxiousness or disturbing the peace complaints. This person would then be denied the ability to buy the alcohol. As it is currently, anyone over the age of 21, and sometimes younger, can purchase alcoholic beverages, no questions asked. Many of these same people go out and drink, and injure or kill innocent people on the roads.

I'd also like to apply this to cell phone users who've been ticketed for traffic accidents that occurred while texting or talking and driving at the same time. These people should be stripped of their cells and forced to use only land lines or pay phones.


Jay and Larna Eubanks Family said...

And then anyone wishing to drink alcohol, or carry a cell phone, would need to go through a certification course, apply to the BCI for a permit, pay a fee and wait 3 months for their permit.

Rebecca said...

No kidding. We almost got sideswiped driving through the "spaghetti bowl" last week by a semi-truck driver trying to merge on a curve while TALKING ON A CELL PHONE. Idiot!