Thursday, October 13, 2016

Road trip to Bear Lake

Wednesday, Ann and I took a drive up to Bear Lake. It was wild, because the freeway was backed up for a few miles before Perry, and we found out later, closed down to one lane. That will do it. Thankfully, from the point where it closed down to one lane, it was only about half a mile to our exit. We were going for a variety of reasons, to see fall colors, to get out of the house, and to have an enjoyable time together. Thankfully all three happened.
The most scenic part of the trip was the area between Logan and Garden City, though the small towns and Logan itself were arrayed in hues of reds, yellows, and oranges that were simply amazing. Bear Lake itself was amazingly blue.
We noticed this tree in Logan on the way there and had to stop on the way back to take the pic.

One thing we noticed, was that the town of Garden City seems to pretty much close down. I wonder when the cut off is. Maybe Labor Day. Anyway, we only found one of the several drive-ins open and that's where we ordered lunch.

The Logan River
After lunch we headed back, snapped the pictures we'd promised ourselves we take on the way back, and continued on, stopping for gas and a restroom break before fighting the rush hour traffic the rest of the way home. It was a great adventure!

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