Sunday, September 11, 2016

Why sitting for the Star Spangled Banner is simply a poor way to protest

I pity people like football player Colin Kaepernick. They protest and they do not know why. They choose to sit for a national anthem that wildly encourages freedom and courage. The words of the Star Spangled Banner are the epitome of what everyone who loves liberty should be enthusiastically supporting. So too with the United States flag.

True, there has been oppression, racism, and other evil things happen in America. That is the very reason people with any kind of common sense should support the ideals represented by the national anthem. It isn't the words of this song that people should be protesting, but those corrupt and evil individuals who try to undo the very principles espoused in the song.

This is why Kaepernick and others who have and will protest in the same manner as him are dead wrong. If you love liberty, march on those who will take it from you. If you hate racism, parade around in front of those who promote racist ideas. Scream and carry signs to your heart's content against those who are truly evil and repugnant when it comes to those kinds of things.

It is governments who are corrupt, and individuals in power who fund them who are truly evil. Protest them by any means possible. Rage against the right targets. Your sitting for the national anthem only draws the ire of those who know what freedom means and cost of defending it.

Last of all, those who want to protest should learn history and not protest blindly. Drawing attention to yourselves, if it is the wrong kind of attention, isn't helpful in combating the injustices that you would like to combat. Know your facts, know your enemy, and fight them tooth and nail once you do, but don't sit for a song that promotes the very ideals you are fighting for. That my friends, is simply stupid.

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