Sunday, July 31, 2016

So this is what it's like being good...

I've been watching the series, Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix . It's bloody, brutal, gory, and has some bad language. The characters are rough, compelling, and often heroic. Over the past few episodes, I've watched as Daredevil's character has interacted with another character, named Elektra. Elektra is a martial artist who has really been sort of amoral through the entire time that she's been on the show. In the most recent episode I watched, Daredevil says that he needs to rescue some innocent hostages, rather than going after the evil guy Nobu, as Elektra wants to do.
She refuses to accompany him so he sets about trying to rescue the hostages from their Ninja captors alone. A few minutes after he begins the fight, Elektra shows up to join him. "I was getting bored," she says.
They rescue the hostages and send them out of the building, but more Ninjas have gathered. The two fight, side by side. As the battle nears completion, Elektra is stabbed by Nobu, mortally wounded. The fight stops as she drops to the ground and Daredevil, who has had a romantic relationship with her in his alter-ego, Matt Murdoch. Holds her close.
"So this is what it's like to be good," she says. "Does it always hurt so much?"
Matt pauses, then says, " does."

I thought about that in life we are often called upon to do the good, and sometimes doing the good instead of what seems to be the most pleasant, really can hurt. In the long run though, it's worth it.

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