Sunday, March 04, 2012

New e-book authors to try

I've gone into the business of giving free publicity to authors I know. Some of them will be associates and friends from Hatrack River Writers, and some are going to be people I know personally--like Robin Lythgoe who has been my neighbor for years. If you're going to be buying some e-books from someone you've never heard of, why not try these people? Anyway, here's the list. I'll be adding more as I get them.

Works of P.D. Blake

Works of Dustin Hurley

Works of Robin Lythgoe


rroehale said...

Hello, Daddy. I can't help but think how much I love Smaug whenever I see you picture at the top of your blog. I love to see you in the outdoors; you are so at home there, and it reminds me of Grandpa, too.

That was a bit off topic. Thank you for the author suggestions; I have added them all to my "to read" list. I didn't know that Sister Lythgoe writes!

Shane Roe said...

Thanks! I love you too!

Robin Lythgoe said...

I'm going to be honest: I came cross this post TOTALLY by accident—and I wasn't even looking for myself! Hehe. I must say that Google Alerts is falling down on the job :( And I also must say *thanks,* Shane, for helping me out. What a nice surprise!