Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aaarrgghhh! My computer is down!

I have so much to say and less than ten minutes to say it. My computer went down at the end of last week and I'm rushing--using the library computer to make this post, check my e-mail, and a whole bunch of stuff--all on my half hour lunch. I've got another computer on order from Best Buy, but I don't know how long it's going to take to get here--they estimate January 29-February 5--so I'm not able to do as I'm used to doing. We're just too dependent upon these machines! Needless to say, I won't get my world changing post posted today, but maybe soon.

I'm not really sure what went wrong with my desktop, only I was having a lot of problems with freezing, and trying to fix them caused more problems until I'm where I'm at now...computerless.

But on the bright side, I've practiced my guitar a whole lot more, and got a lot more reading in, so there is that.

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