Friday, September 26, 2008

Can George Blanda Still Kick It?

George Blanda turned 81 on September 17th. Fans of the NFL know who Blanda is, but for the uninitiated, he was once a quarterback/placekicker for first, the Chicago Bears, second the Houston Oilers, and third, the Oakland Raiders. Blanda once threw for 7 touchdowns in a game, while with the Oilers, and became the oldest player in the NFL. I remember him kicking field goals when in his fifties. I wonder if old George could still kick it now. He's probably out there practicing a kick or two.

Which of course brings up the question, how long should we be doing things like sports and other activities? And the answer, as long as we want. As long as we like what we're doing, there's no reason to stop other than injury. So my message is--keep following your dreams.

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