Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It Takes a Village

After the polls came out showing Barack Obama leading in the New Hampshire Primary, Hillary did an interview in which she appeared to nearly break down and cry. I'm not sure if she was going for the sympathy vote or not, but Hillary, never fear. If Obama wins, you can still be part of the village.

I used to be a big Mitt Romney supporter--and I still like the man. But one thing about me really bothers him--actually there are more than one, but this one disturbs me tremendously, and that is that he seems to get rattled very easily. I'm not sure I want a man at the head of the greatest nation on earth that gets easily rattled. My bet's on McCain for today's primary.

This political year is interesting. No one seems to be grabbing the primary season by the horns as of yet--though Obama has caused quite a stir. Still, remember Howard Dean in the last elections? He looked good to the dems at the beginning too--then he self-destructed.

When Bill O'Reilly moved a really big dude out of the way of his cameraman the other day, I thought it was actually a good thing. All other major news services were having no problems taking footage of Obama--so why was this Barack supporter trying to keep Fox from filming his guy? That's in violation of Constitutional principles guy.

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