Wednesday, December 12, 2007

w00t ain't a word, irregardless of Meriam Webster

The internet word w00t, that's "w" followed by two zeros and a "t" has been named "Word ऑफ़ the Year" by Meriam-Webster. Check this link: However, this "word" isn't really. English words can only be created using the 26 letters of the alphabet. A zero isn't a letter. If I can't spell it using Scrabble tiles or Boggle cubes, it ain't a word.

2 comments: said...

"Irregardless" isn't a word either. :>(

Shane said...

Hey Richard---don't feel too bad about my use of the term "irregardless". Obviously you didn't catch my tongue-in-cheek usage. I appreciate you catching me though--I thought no one ever read my blog. :)