Saturday, June 02, 2007

Kansas Abortion Doctor and Boulder School Fiasco

If you want to be outraged, check out this transcript of the Bill O'Reilly Show.
Here's the link: Dr. George Tiller Performs Late-Term Abortions for Any Reason
I heard the young girl interviewed who had been forced into getting an abortion by her parents. Talk about a profound influence on a life. Great parents she has. Speaking of great parents, in Boulder, Colorado recently, there was a mandatory school assembly, in which the panelists recommended that the high schoolers have any sex they wanted with anyone they wanted to have sex with. They also recommended experimenting with drugs, including ecstasy and other drugs. Basically, to these panelists, anything goes. If that isn't bad enough, there doesn't seem to be any parents in that town who care enough to demand the resignations or the firing of the school administrators who allowed these people into the school. Hmmm. More great parenting.
I guess my bottom line is that if people don't speak out, then, like the rise of Adolf Hitler, things continue to spiral downward (yes, I consider Hitler's rise to power to be a downward spiral in the larger scheme of things--something that could've been stopped in its early stages but wasn't). I guess too many of us are engaged in the latest reality show to make the effort to speak out against some of these things. Too bad really, because the world we get is the one of our own making.

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