Friday, October 20, 2006

The Auto Dealer Scam

I'm sure you're asking "which one?", because there are so many. The one I'm referring to is the ads that say something like, "No negotiation required. Our cars are already marked to their lowest possible price, so you don't have to negotiate." Give me a break! Whose interest does that serve? Sure, there are people for whom negotiation is so painful that it's worth it for them to pay thousands more for a car than what they should. Auto dealers get away with murder on this one. The only way to get a fair deal on a car at most dealerships, is to be able to negotiate. The first and only dealership I've ever been to that had this policy (Willey Honda of Bountiful, Utah) , I walked away from once I offered them something on the car I was interested in and the salesman said, "Oh no, this car is already marked at it's lowest price." Yeah sure. It was $2500 more than the Kelley Blue Book said it should be, but it was the "lowest price". So I left. A day or two later, after I'd made a deal with a private owner on another car, the guy called me back and said that maybe they could negotiate some. Too late!!

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